PCR – Partidul Copiilor Revoluționiști

Când am văzut prima dată numele dat de elevii mei de a 7-a partidului lor am cam sărit în sus. Dar am așteptat apoi să văd despre ce e vorba. Și ideile lor mi-au depășit așteptările.

Dar nu despre partidul inventat de ele (căci avem trei fete fondatoare) ca exercițiu pentru ora de Istorie vreau să scriu acum. Ci despre ideile trimise de fete într-o aplicație pentru a participa la un atelier despre drepturile omului la Viena, pe un proiect Erasmus+. Eu nu am niciun merit special, le sunt profă doar de anul acesta. Și au fost o încântare orele cu ei.

Am tot citit argumente scrise de adulți pe Facebook despre dacă e ok sau nu legea de a avea cote de gen pentru Parlament. După ce am ascultat ideile Denisei mele despre motivele pentru care vrea ea să fie primar – să îi asculte mai întâi pe oameni pentru a vedea care sunt nevoile comunității ei și să construiască plecând de la ele – iată ce scriu alte două fete. Viitorul arată un pic mai bine. Nu trebuie decât să îi încurajăm pe copii să-și îndeplinească visele.

B.: ”… I consider that the most important human right is the right to identity. Even if it’s probably one of the least known, the right to identity is the one that describes our society. Due to this right, we have the freedom of speech, to create our personality, to choose our personal likes, dislikes and opinions and to distinguish one from another. All these treasures are the base of our identity, but to which some of our ancestors had no acces. For instance, in the modern world, the Jews affected by the Holocaust had not the right to identity, unlike today.

Secondly, we come from the same seed and as I said before, the identity is what distinguish us from one another. So our nationality, religion, ethnicity, culture, gender, skin color shouldn’t be a barrier between people. That is why everyone should be treated equally regardless of those mentioned before. Because the differences between people make us special and unique.

 Forwards, in the law making process, I think that religion should not be a reason for a person to be judged or accused for something that he or she didn’t do. Moreover, you can’t discriminate an ethnicity if you don’t know anything about the people. For example, with the outbreak of war in the Arab countries, Arab citizens have gone out of their way into danger to other countries, where they have been criticized and discriminated against for being Muslims, which I disagree.

Fourthly, from the earliest times in society there is a discrepancy between the genders. However, I consider they shouldn’t exist and we should be treated equally, because there are no things boys do and girls can’t. In history this difference is best described and the fact that girls had not had the right to vote until the interwar period is one important situation when boys and girls weren’t treated equally. Also, girls weren’t allowed to wear pants. In fact, it was often illegal. Many states had laws in the 1800s and the early 1900s that said women could not dress like men.

 In the end, the word politics comes from ’’polis’’ – city center in Ancient Greece and it represents the activities to govern a country or area. I consider that it has a great importance because it can change radical our daily life and it is our duty to vote responsible and to inquire about what politicians do. Also, it is an important tool so that the states do not become jungles. Because its role is in the well-being of the lives of citizens, they should be involved and encouraged in politics, so their life will thrive.

 As a conclusion, human rights is a topic that interests me and that I would like to know more about. The human rights are the ones that protect all the people around the world regardless our cultural values. Because these ones don’t correspond to the ideologies of the state but to its values. The two world wars were the opening of the concept of human rights and the fantastic organization which we now call the European Union. Therefore all people in the world should be grateful not to forget the sacrifice of the heroes. So, this workshop would develop my knowledge about human rights and it would be a great experience for myself before my final year at school.”

A.: ”For me, one of the most important rights is Freedom of Expression. Every citizen should be able to say what he wants freely, without being censored or sanctioned because he has a different opinion. I believe that this right is elementary in a state and that people who have banned it in the past or who are banning it now, in countries that are under totalitarian regimes do so out of fear, out of insecurity in order not to find out certain things.

Yes. Regardless of nationality, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation, etc. people should be treated the same. We are all equal at birth and before the law. Although there is a lot of discrimination right now, we are all human. We were born the same. There are currently many catalogs that innocent people receive for the mistakes of other members of the same nationality / culture. I consider that people who share these catalogs are those who have suffered in the past or people who are not able to understand, accept or look at something that is different.

Religion should not influence our law or our rights. For example, an Orthodox Christian often says that nothing is possible without God, while an atheist has more confidence in himself than in certain things that cannot be proven to have really existed, Buddha, gods. Practically atheists are more realistic, while we can say that Buddhists, Orthodox Christians, Catholics, etc. they live in a fantasy. Each religion comes with its own customs, whether pagan or not. every human being lives in his beliefs that influence our way of thinking. that is why religion can sometimes influences the law even though it should not.

Girls and boys are often treated unequally, for example during sports classes, girls are not allowed to play sports for boys under the pretext that they could be injured. Also, when they are employed in a certain field, women are ridiculed and rejected, making it even harder for them to occupy a high position.
Women have been constantly discriminated against by men, although there is still a great deal of discrimination.

In my opinion, politics exists to help citizens and the state, to respect their rights and to promote their interests. Politics is well-versed, often driven from above for interests, using two secret weapons called manipulation and propaganda. Very few politicians keep their promises and really help the state and its citizens.”

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